Best islands for scuba diving in Goa

October 10, 2018

Are you finding it difficult to choose the perfect destination for your next trip? Do you want to visit some fun-filled and adventurous place?

Scuba Aliens is here with this blog to tell you about the great and exciting scuba diving experience in Goa. Just read and unveil the overloaded fun and adventure that scuba diving, in your next Goa trip, could give you.
“Goa” when the name comes to our mind, we start to visualize so many amazing beaches and people sitting near them taking a sunbath. Ocean water, beaches, scuba diving, Sunbath, Bikinis, Seafood, Wines, Karaoke, and what not start to stuck our mind. Goa is not just a place but, it has now become a term to set that party-perfect mood of anyone, especially teenagers and youth. Planning a trip to such a place is a task of great responsibility because you just cannot miss out any single point.
The underwater experience of diving and exploring that alien underwater world is mesmerizing. We really do not have words to make you experience the thrill and adventure that is infused in us while we perform scuba diving. Scuba diving is one such experience that is beyond, just swimming. Even if you are a swimmer and have the experience to swim in the deepest of the pools, still scuba diving is one such thing that can add so much newness and excitement to your just swimming experience.


Best islands for scuba diving in Goa

Grande Island – As the name suggests, it is one of the biggest, beautiful, and the most enjoyable islands of Goa. To try out something different, new, exciting, and adventurous you should definitely visit this place. Generally, tourists are picked up from their hotel and are taken to this place at around 8.30am. You can enjoy this overdose of fun until 4 p.m. Nearly half a day trip to this island can make you feel so lively and stress-free.

Discover the Underwater Life – Explore the underwater dolphins and so many beautiful varieties of aquatic life here. This island has a great range of coral life, the magnificently beautiful shoal of fishes, and rich underwater flora and fauna for you to discover.

Scuba diving with scuba aliens -The team of Scuba aliens is there with all the safety measures and instruments to make your underwater experience more thrilling and smooth. The picturesque underwater scenario is worth your glaze.

Snorkeling – If you are a snorkeler, or you just want to get the best out of your Goa trip then, you should definitely give a visit to this place.

Barbeque –After 4 pm or 4.30 pm, you are taken to the Barbeque area.

Take a chill-pill at the Monkey Islands – The monkey islands here have so much for you to explore.

Bat Island – Bat Island or Pequeno Island is a small and rocky beach with a tiny patch of greenery. This is a much smaller island and does not have that much fascination for tourists. You can enjoy the Barbeque over here as well, or can simply chill and enjoy the sunbath. The underwater experience over here may not be that amazing as it has a lesser variety of aquatic beings and may appear quite uncomfortable for you. If you want to experience any sort of thrill then surely this is not your cup of tea. Better, explore the Grand Island.

If you do not have enough time, we would suggest you to, first enjoy the Grand Island to your best. You may opt for skipping this place. Trust us on this you are not going to miss out anything important this way.

If you want to try out the best scuba diving experience on the islands of Goa then just reach scuba aliens and our highly skilled teams of experts will be there for you. Explore the coral life, beautiful fishes, dolphins, and so many new varieties of mesmerizing aquatic plants and animals. We take care to provide you with the safest and best scuba diving experience. When you are with us then just concentrate on enjoying and making the best out of your Goa trip while we are there to make sure that you are fully safe and comfortable in enjoying the underwater experience.

There is so much to explore in this world than just fulfilling our day-to-day duties and stressing out ourselves unnecessarily with the workload. Adventurous trips like this one could prove to be a perfect escape from that boring life and typical schedules. It is good to plan and go for some thrilling and breathtaking trips so as to return back with the new energies, broader smiles, and obviously tons of memories. Plan your Goa trip today. Make sure to contact scuba aliens for that quick exposure to the completely new underwater alien world. We wish to see you soon.

Leaving you with this amazing underwater video
Enjoy it and get ready to visit Goa this October.

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